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Welcome to this page! Here you can buy NVC Dance Floor products in Russian.

These products have been translated according to our ‘Self-Led Translation Agreement’ by people experienced in NVC, who want the NVC Dance Floors to be available for you! To enable the process of Self-Led Translations we do not check the quality in detail - but we trust these files will be good enough for you to use as you learn, practice and teach NVC.

For an 'introduction to the Dance Floors' in English click here

To read our 'Requests to Dance Floor Users’ in Russian click here


Dance Floors currently available in Russian

Танец Диалога 13 шагов 
Танец самоэмпати     


There are two ways to buy Dance Floors
Printable PDF files with a Licence
       2) Printed products - laminated or not laminated


1) Printable PDF files with a Licence
You gather the coloured card needed and print these yourself at home. 
We offer this on a trust basis. 
We trust you to treat the PDF files as personal items and not forward them to anyone else. 
We ask that you direct anyone who wants a copy to this webpage. 
We also trust you to follow our Licence terms as below.

Licence terms and conditions
• Pay € 2 for each copy you print
• If you find later that you want to print more copies, return to this webpage and pay € 2 for each additional copy. 

How to order:
1. Decide how many copies of that Dance Floor you want to print.
2. Click on ‘ADD TO CART’.
2. The € 2 price shown is for 1 copy. To print more copies, change the quantity 'Qty’ before you go to the payment page. 
3. If you wish to contribute a higher amount, you can add a donation to your cart, using the button at the bottom of this page. 
4. After you complete payment you will receive an email with a download link for the PDF file. (If you do not see this email check your junk folder.)


Танец самоэмпати      

Printable PDF file with a Licence

Licence: € 2 per copy you print

Танец самоэмпатии   


Our card calculator here tells you how many A4 cards of each colour you need for printing each Dance.


2) Printed products - laminated or not laminated
Some people prefer ready-printed Dance Floor sets. This means you do not have to find the A4 coloured card, and the products are printed to a high standard, on 160gsm A4 card, according to our colour-coding system.
You can choose laminated (each card is encased in strong plastic) or non-laminated (without plastic)
The Guidelines and Diagram for each Dance Floor you purchase will be sent to you by email as PDF files. 

Printed products have a fixed price because we need to cover our costs. Please do not make copies of the printed Dance Floors. If you want more copies please return to this site and choose Printable PDF files with a Licence, or order more printed Dances.

Prices for printed Dances:
1 x any Dance, not laminated - £15 euros + £5 delivery
1 x any Dance, laminated -  £30 euros + £5 delivery



To order Dance Floor products in all our other languages go to our home page and click on the flags. 



Click on Add to Cart and then choose an amount to donate.

Thank you!


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