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Welcome to this page, where you can buy NVC Dance Floor products in XXXX language.

These products have been translated by people involved in NVC in the XXXXX language community, to enable the NVC Dance Floors to be used by you!

For an introduction to the Dance Floors in XXXX language, click here

To read our 'Requests to Dance Floor Users’ in XXX language, click here

We can supply you with our products in two ways:

Printable PDF files with a Licence.
You gather the coloured card needed and print these yourself at home. We offer this on a trust basis, and trust you to treat the files as personal items and direct anyone else who wants a copy to this webpage.

[Probably the Licence will cost 2 euros per copy printed, for any dance floor, eg, if you want to print 3 x anger dances you pay 6 euros. If you want to print 1 x self empathy dance you pay 2 euros.]

You can find a card calculator here, that tells you how many A4 cards of each colour you need to print each Dance.

Printed products
With a good standard of printing, with the floor cards on the colour-coded card. Option to order laminated (with plastic) or non-laminated (without plastic)

Likely prices for printed Dances:
1 x any Dance, not laminated - 15 euros + 5 delivery
1 x any Dance, laminated - 30 euros + 5 delivery

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