Printable Dance Floor files (in Norwegian) with User Licence


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User License agreement
Our User Licence system works on the basis of trust. It is intended to enable a wide sharing of the Dance Floors, and to bring us the resources we need to maintain this service. Please support us by purchasing the correct licence. 

What you buy
You purchase a 'User Licence' which defines the purpose of your use, and the (maximum) number of copies of each Dance you can print.

User Licence Number of copies you can print - and how you will use them Price
Licence 1: Personal user Print 1 of each Dance - for own use at home £25
Licence 2: Practice group user Print 3 (maximum) of each Dance - for use in your practice group £50
Licence 3: Professional user Print 7 (maximum) of each Dance - for use with clients or in your workshops £75

What you receive
You download the PDF files for the 7 original Dance Floors (in Norwegian), the Charts (in Norwegian) and the HowTo Guidelines (in English). Also the Intro pages (in Norwegian) and our Requests to Dance Floor Users (in Norwegian). Note: the Facilitator's Handbook (available in English, French, German and Mandarin) is a separate item, and is not included in the User Licence.


If you agree to our User Licence:
to set up your order,
click here.

Colour-coded cards
The Dance Floor cards are colour-coded, and we ask you to use our colour-coding, for consistency and clarity. The files are set up to print text in black ink onto coloured card. You can buy coloured card in a local shop, or print colour onto white card (using a file included in your download) to make your own coloured card.

If you use up your quota and want to print more copies please purchase a new licence.

Printed Dance Floor Sets
If you prefer to buy the Dance Floors ready printed, click here.

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